Popski's Private Expeditions (PPE) is a small team of adventurers dedicated to finding and exploring the few remaining blank spots on the world's maps.


Our TEam

James Davis

James is a military veteran and best selling author. He leads our adventures and does most of the pre-trip planning. A security adviser to global humanitarian aid organisations, he works to keep aid workers safe in in complex contexts globally. James has lived on four continents, travelled to over 50 countries and has been a keen adventure traveller for over 35 years. 

Georgina Newman

Georgina is a journalist and communications specialist. She has lived and worked around the world developing stories for leading newspapers and periodicals. Surviving hostage incidents in Gaza and chaos in the Congo, Georgina is dedicated to healthy living, personal wellness and finding serenity in the natural world. 

John Manning

John is a retired paratrooper and engineer who has been travelling with James since 2012. John acts as 2iC on expeditions and keeps a sharp eye on our logistics. John has travelled all over the world and is an adventurer in the classic mold.

PPE Crew

A small but growing group of adventurers have joined us on PPE trips. They include journalists, social media influencers, retired military or police, academics, young, old, men and women. They are drawn to the challenge involved in doing something different and being part of a team overcoming challenges as we go.

We are always looking for people with a shared attitude to adventure and a willingness to pitch in and enjoy the challenges faced on expeditions. If you think you might like to join us feel free to contact us and introduce yourself. 

SOme of Our accomplishments


  • Published non-fiction author with one best seller.

  • Completed overland trips in southern, eastern and northern Africa, Canada and Europe.

  • Delivered safety and security for overlanders talks and seminars at Horizons Unlimited (HUBB) and Adventure Overland events.

  • Developed Security to Go tool for aid organisations in complex environments

  • Delivered safety and security training to over 1000 aid workers globally.

  • Lived or worked in South Africa, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, New Zealand, Canada, Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, Liberia, Angola, Zimbabwe and many other locations.


  • Written articles for The Telegraph, The Guardian, New Zealand Herald, Women's Day magazine and many other news agencies.

  • Backpacked Malaysia, Indonesia and lived in a cloud forest in Costa Rica.

  • Developed stories and video projects in Niger, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Lebanon and many other locations.

  • Driven and open-top Land Rover across the Moroccan Sahara.