Popski's Private Army

Popski's Private Army was a small, unique, special forces unit formed in WWII North Africa alongside the Long Range Desert Group and the Special Air Service. The unit was created and led by Lt. Colonel Vladimir Peniakoff, aka 'Popski,' to undertake behind the lines reconnaissance and sabotage. The PPA fought across Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and then up the length of Italy and into Austria by the end of the war. The unit lived in their specialised jeeps crossing deserts, impassable mountain ranges and deep forests. 

James has always been a big fan of the PPA going back to his military days, and often used Popski's account of his wartime exploits as a personal inspiration during his own military operations. We created Popski's Private Expeditions to pay tribute to the original PPA and to keep their memory alive through sharing our own open-top adventures. 

For those who wish to know more about Popski's Private Army, please go to the Friends of Popski's Private Army (FoPPA) website to learn more.        www.popski.org