Our Expeditions

First and foremost, no two PPE expeditions are the same. We always look to explore new areas, find remote landscapes of natural beauty and go where others rarely venture. This means that we never know what awaits us each day when we set off. But everyone who joins always says that it is this sense of the unknown and the challenges we overcome along the way that they remember most.

Join an Expedition

We are always looking for crew members to join our expeditions. To become a crew member you need to be reasonably fit, have a spirit of adventure, a good sense of humour and be ready to pitch in an help as a member of a team. You can join as a driver if you have some skill behind the wheel or as co-driver to help with navigation, videography, scouting the route ahead or any of the other tasks involved in vehicle-based expeditions. We do charge to join an expedition as a crew member as a way to fund our trips. The fee is based on the cost of vehicle preparation, transporting the trucks to the destination country, insurance and other typical expedition costs.

What we Provide

PPE provides the vehicles, tents and cots for crew members. Meals are shared and we usually ask each person to plan a group dinner (or two) along the way. Water is sourced locally and filtered to keep it safe. Our vehicles all have charging points to keep your devices powered. You just need to bring a small rucksack with clothes, toiletries and a sleeping bag.

What to Expect

Each day starts with good strong coffee (or tea if you prefer) and a light breakfast. We generally pack up camp and set off by 9 a.m. Our days are spent exploring and overcoming obstacles. Lots of tea breaks and photo opportunities. We try to make camp early, when possible, and have a relaxing evening under the stars. Expeditions are broken up into 3-4 day ‘legs’ with a rest day in between.

For more information or to sign up for an expedition, send us an email at contact@popskis-private-expeditions.com


Upcoming Expeditions

Tunisia Expedition

25 Oct-08 Nov 2019

Our next expedition will take us to the Grand Erg Orientale sand sea in Tunisia. Our goal is to trace the desert routes of the PPA and LRDG in Tunisia during WWII and possibly locate relics from their exploits. We may also be visiting some of the abandoned Star Wars film sets that dot the Tunisian wilderness. This will be our first journey in Tunisia and we expect to face some new challenges and all new terrain. The crossing of the Orientale sand sea will be a highlight as it is one of the major dune regions of the Sahara.

We will be taking three PPE trucks, all kitted out for desert travel and have six seats available for crew. We would also consider having limited number of other vehicles join us if they are inline with the PPA philosophy of soft top/open top travel.

Potential crew wishing to sign up can join the vehicle party departing the UK on 19 October and returning on 13 November, or fly in to Tunis to join us for the dates above (25 Oct-08 Nov). Crew just need to bring a backpack, sleeping bag and sunscreen, we handle the rest.

Cost to join the expedition:

Crew position, joining in Tunis (14 days) £1500 (Covers all in-country costs, just bring your rucksack and camera)

Other vehicle with 1-2 crew (14 days) £500 (Covers guiding and some shared meals, vehicle support)

For more information, apply for a crew position or to discuss joining with your own vehicle, please email the address below or find us on our Popski’s Private Expeditions FB page.

Contact Us:   contact@popskis-private-expeditions.com

Videos of Previous Expeditions

Episode 1: Morocco Overland 2016

Episode 1 of our 2016 journey through the Moroccan Sahara. Leaving the Spanish port of Algeciras and crossing to Morocco, we travel south to our expedition start point in the town of Boudenib. Follow us as we get off to a bit of a rough start on our desert adventure.

Episode 2: Morocco Overland 2016

Our journey continues south and west, crossing remote deserts near the Algerian border. We run into danger signs, face challenging terrain and have an unexpected encounter in the dark. 

Episode 3: Morocco Overland 2016

The group faces searing heat and sand seas in this edition. These were the challenges we came to the Sahara desert to find and test ourselves and our vehicles against.




Episode 4: Morocco Overland 2016

The group faces more dunes, breakdowns, recoveries, desert winds and learns to appreciate the simple things in life.





Episode 5: Morocco Overland 2016

The last in our video series for this trip. The group finally reaches the Atlantic coast and celebrates the end of the trip camped on a beach in Western Sahara.